Week 1 report

Basically this week was used to understand existing code and functionality. I looked at the code for adding of staff text and undoing it. (text.cpp, stafftext.cpp, undo.cpp)

(This was relevant because implementation of swing text might be integrated with the existing implementation done in this part of the code)

I also looked at parts of rendermidi.cpp, specifically the modules createPlayEvents and renderChord, and got an idea of how chords, grace notes, etc. are being rendered.

A thing that stalled was the designing of plugin for swing playback. It is not yet quite clear if that is the most beneficial approach to follow.

In the coming week, I would understand more about how the notes are being passed on to eventlist, and what is shown in pianoroll. I think we would also come to conclusion about what member functions to expose to the plugin (if we decide to create a plugin, that is).


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