Week 8 Report

Hello! I was away yesterday, hence I am posting the blog today.

First things first, the initial implementation for swing has been merged! You can now find the swing option in your regular clone from the upstream.
Go to Style->General, and select the parameters you want your score to swing with 🙂
Any feedback/suggestions related to the swing feature are welcome.

As mentioned, now starts the Phase 2 of the project!
This week I was working on the text implementation, like I pointed out in my last post. The plan is to implement it in two steps, first without the UI, and second with it.
I am almost done with Step 1 of the text implementation (without the UI).
This means that we can control the swing parameters from the staff text (It was decided to use staff text as a means to extract the swing text from the user. It can be changed later if necessary)

I had estimated it to be completed in the week itself, however I caught fever, hence it got delayed by a few days.

The task for this week would be to complete the Step 1 of the Phase 2 and if possible Step 2 also.

Stay tuned!


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