Week 11 Report

Sorry for the late post, I was having connection problems.
I am done with most of the implementation for the swing implementation using staff text.
This is the relevant branch : https://github.com/shredpub/MuseScore/tree/textswing

The user can now control where he wants the score to swing and where not to.
The staff text “Swing” is required to tell MuseScore that the swing should be enabled from that point on in the score and the staff text “Straight” is required to specify that swing should be disabled from that point on.

More controls over swing ratio (different swing ratios at different places) are being added and should be completed this week.

The idea is that rather than using global style parameters that we did in the initial phase of the implementation, we will use swing parameters specific to the staff text we are on. This way, we can have all kinds of swing behavior across the score.


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