Week 12 Report

Hello everyone!

As mentioned in my last post, I have been working on completing the implementation of swing playback using staff texts to set the swing parameters rather than the controls in Style-> General.
The motive behind this is that the user should be able to control the swing from the text markings so that (s)he can have different swing behavior for different staff(s) across the score (local control rather than global control).

In the previous implementation (Step 1 of phase 2) , I was controlling this using the content of the staff text (see previous post for details), i.e. setting staff text for a staff as “Swing” would imply swing being enabled from that point on in the score, and so on. However, there was no control over the swing ratio there.

This is what I was working on this week. I have added control over the swing ratio now, which means the user can now have eighth note swing with a swing ratio of 60/40 in a portion of one staff and have sixteenth note swing with a swing ratio of 70/30 in a portion of another staff, which is the behavior we were looking to achieve when we started off 🙂

You can try out the current implementation by building this branch :

Tasks for the next week include enabling to save and load scores with this implementation, and to find a way to set the default for a staff text as no change to current swing behavior rather than turning it off. Other than that there would be minor changes in formatting and further details that might need to be rectified.

The deadline is approaching and so is the end of the project 🙂
Stay tuned!


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