Week 14 (Final) Report

I am glad to announce that my code of ‘Swing playback’ has been merged into MuseScore!
You can now find it in your fork of the development version on github : https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore

How to use :

Case 1 : Global swing

1. Add a system text, add appropriate text (for eg: “Swing”) (Optional) and set the swing parameters by right-clicking on the staff-text and going to StaffTextProperties -> Swing Settings, selecting appropriate options there.
Alternatively, you can also set the swing settings from Style -> General thereby enabling global swing for your score.

Case 2: Local swing

1. Select part of your score from where you wish to enable / disable swing.
2. Add a staff-text, adding appropriate text like “swing/straight” (optional), and set the appropriate swing parameters by right-clicking on the staff-text and selecting appropriate options from StaffTextProperties -> Swing Settings.

Today is the final deadline for the Google Summer of Code 2014 and we were able to finish our project well in time. My mentor Marc Sabatella was very helpful in making this possible.

For those who are unaware about the project, I would recommend reading earlier posts on this blog to get a clear idea about what we set out to achieve and how we went about with the implementation.

It has been an enjoyable journey coding with MuseScore so far! I hope to continue contributing to the organization in any role I can.

Until later,


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